What we use?

Bathtub Refinishing vs. Bathtub Replacing

Bathtub replacing is difficult, costly, and time consuming

The primary product Bathtub Refinishing Chicago uses for bathtub reglazing is called Liquid Tub Liners (LTL). Odorless, durable, this pour-on enamel will leave your tub, sink, or washing fixture as good as new.

Bathtub refinishing
Bathtub refinishing

Our Liquid Tub Liners are non toxic and environmentally friendly

A thick, liquid substance will be professionally applied to your existing tub or sink, and this dries in a 24 hours. When it is done, your bathtub or sink is just as good - or better - than the day it was made. We’re not joking: you’ll find the thick coat of high quality enamel quite as durable as a brand new fixture.

And you know what’s so so wonderful about this? There’s no mess and hardly any downtime. We can be in and out of your bathroom in a single afternoon, and your tubs and basins will look like a miracle worker has been busy with them. There won’t be any toxic fumes, and no problematic residues. Give it a day to thoroughly dry, and your bathtub will be ready for a baby to take a bath in it.

Contrast that with the nightmare you’d have if you decided to get your bathtub or shower stall pulled out and replaced with another. Days and days with an out of order bathroom - more mess than you could shake a stick at - and a bank account that cries almost audibly when you get the bill. Bathtubs don’t come cheap, nor does installation labor. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Unless you go with us. A high quality finish isn’t free - nothing worthwhile is, after all - but I can tell you this: your bank account will be much happier than if you had decided to spring for a new fixture. In fact, many customers find that reglazing can cost as little as 1/5th the cost of new sinks and bathtubs installation.

Bathtub refinishing

So go for the win-win. It’s the better choice on all counts: you get a handsome looking bathroom for cheaper, in less time, and with much less hassle. The result is just as good as if you’d gone with new. As an added bonus, you’ve done the environment a favor by keeping your old tub, sink, or shower out of the landfill.

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