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Easy, Odorless, and Safe

Liquid tub liner’s pour-on formula has benefits beyond being faster and easier than traditional refinishing methods:

  • No Dust: Unlike spray-on finishes, our formula is dust-free so there’s no need to protect furniture and walls before applying.
  • Safe Formula: With an odorless and non-toxic formula, you can stay at home while we work.
  • Fast Drying: In less than 24 hours, the tub liner is totally dry and ready for use — you won’t even have to skip a shower.
Beautiful Gloss Finish

Glossy, shiny, and sleek, our liquid tub liner looks absolutely spectacular. The high-gloss formula breathes new life into old, worn-out tubs with a finish that looks brand new. And you don’t have to take our word for it: check out the examples section for photos of our work.

Tough-as-Nails Formula

Our tub liner doesn’t just harden to a high-gloss finish, it stays that way for up to 20 years. The epoxy enamel formula withstands the wear and tear of daily use so there’s no need for touchups or reapplications — just apply once and enjoy your new bathtub for years to come.

Experience, Backed by Guarantee

We’ve refinished more than 1,200 bathtubs, sinks and showers. Our top clients, which range from apartment complexes to construction and management companies, have been trusting our expertise with 7 years of repeat business. And while we promise a flawless finish on every job, we back our work with a quality guarantee: if you spot any defects, we’ll fix them free of charge.

Easy, Odorless, and Safe

Beautiful Gloss Finish

Tough-as-Nails Formula

Experience, Backed by Guarantee

It is the one place that ticks all the boxes.


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Benefits of Liquid Tub Liners: The Modern Way to Refinish Your Bathtub

Bathtub refinishing

No spray, no stink: we don’t use any spray on products, and there won’t be any toxic fumes floating around your bathroom before, during, or after the reglazing process.

Durable and strong: 15 years is the estimated lifetime of our finish, so you’ll be a good bit older before you need to think of a re-do.

Classy and Modern: we use a stylish mirror gloss finish that blends in well with any modern bathroom decor.

Quick Turnaround: we'll be in and out of your house in 4 hours, and your bathtub or shower will be ready to use within 24.

What does refinishing a worn out bathtub involve?

We start by removing all rust and other deteriorated material. If there was a hole, this will make the hole bigger, but it is important to have a clean, good base to work with.

The second step is when we begin to build up any holes. We’ll place epoxy coated fiberglass cloth behind the open spots, and when that dries that will be the foundation on which we work.

When that fiberglass sheet is dry, we apply body filler, let that dry, and sand it down till it fits perfectly.

Now the bathtub has smooth, uniform surfaces, but is still ugly as anything. Step 4 involves preparing for the Liquid Tub Liners by cleaning the bathtub and applying masking tape protection where needed.

This step involves the application of the Liquid Tub Liners; the liquid enamel is poured into place to create a single thick layer over the whole surface.

Bathtub refinishing

And now your bathroom is looking bright and new again, ready for another decade+ of intensive use.

And one more thing we want you to know about us

All of the years we have been in business, there has never been an unsatisfied client. This is one company that strictly focuses on the needs of the clients with our high quality services. By choosing our company, customers will be able to have a new looking bathroom in less than 24 hours guaranteed. Our services are not expensive and time saving to fit your needs. No need to waste more time when you can give us a call today and our specialists will bring a new look into your home in no time.