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Our clients

The main priorities of our company are to provide high quality attention to details and have complete customer satisfaction. For many years, we have been taking care of all kind of orders from small private businesses to large commercial companies. The key to our success for the last few years has been our partnership with two large property management companies.

W.J. Management

The company has been presented with 5 consecutive 

“Good Neighbors” awards from the city of Chicago, recognizing companies “who build and renovate apartment buildings and have a positive impact on the neighborhood” They work with a huge various real estate network including apartment buildings, condominiums, town homes and shopping centers. W.J. Management has owned and managed over 1200 units throughout the state of Illinois.

Creative Designs

In recent years Creative Designs has put a focus on rapid real-estate 

development, property management and rental properties. Creative Designs offers rental apartments for every budget and lifestyle. They have become a professional upscale remodeler in the Chicago area, turning your ideas into life from home to home.

Our customers

W.J. Management Creative Designs
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