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Bathtub Refinishing vs. Bathtub Replacing

Bathtub replacing is difficult, costly, and time consuming. Replacing a bathtub takes more effort than just tearing off the old bathtub and placing a new one in the same spot. This process requires hiring a professional tile setter, a plumber, and even an electrician. However, that one is only one hassle of the many that you would be required to handle. In addition to hiring all of those people, you would have to find out if they have the necessary license for the job, and again search for a worker that will be able to get the job done better for less money. Not only is this a problem, but so are the noises, dirt, and other nuisances that go along with these remodeling projects.Remember that we can do the job with only a fraction of the replacing process cost. When it comes to bathtub refinishing, we provide our customers with high quality work and 100% of our best effort to help you. Our specialists are here to guide you through the whole process in order for you to receive the bathroom look you have in mind. In just four to five hours, your bathroom will look and feel just as new or even better

  Bathtub Refinishing Bathtub Replacing
Demolition, removal & disposal $0 $700
Steel Tub $0 $300
Plumber & Parts $0 $400
Tile Work $0 $500
Flooring, Carpentry $0 $300
Permits & Inspections $0 $200
Time without tub 3-5 hours 7-10 days
Total $300-$500* $2,400 Total Replacement Cost

*The price depends on type of a bathtub and a material it is made.

Many people daily have to put up with the trouble of searching for replacements for their old bathtubs. With this time consuming process, they waste a lot of energy and money that will not always provide them the satisfactory result in the end. However, Bathtub Refinishing will be able to get people exactly what they want and save them the trouble. Our company guarantees your bathtub a brand new look in less than 24 hours time.

Bathtub refinishing has easy steps to get the job done quick and does not require any effort for the customers. Depending on the circumstances, the job usually takes about 4 to 5 hours in total. When our specialists are done with the refinishing process, the bathtub is ready for use in 24 hours.

Why use Liquid Tub Liner instead of a fiberglass solid liner?

At first sight, getting a solid plastic liner for your bathtub or a shower may seem like a logical solution to making your bathroom look and feel newer. It may also seem to be an inexpensive option. After all, you are not getting a new bathtub or a shower, and you do not need to tear apart the whole bathroom, but… Remember: solid liners are nothing but new skins for old bathtubs. Nothing gets removed or cleaned. It is like sweeping dirt under the rug. So, what’s the solution?

Liquid Tub Liner is the best and the only currently available option if you’d like to see your bathtub new again… without buying a new one.

Why Liquid Tub Liner is better than a solid one?

1. Solid liners only cover up your tub’s problems, while liquid tub liners resolve it.

Solid liners do not provide a solution, and can actually create new issues. Bathroom moisture creates mold and mildew, which will obviously build up between your original bathtub and your solid liner. This mold can cause odors, health hazards and even structural damage to your tub! Professional refinishing with Liquid Tub Liner, on the other hand, targets mold and dirt specifically. A moisture-resistant epoxy resin seals the cracks and chips in your tub, making a seamless finish. What’s more, Liquid Tub Liner not just cleans away the mold and mildew, but also assures that it will not come back again.

2. Solid liners feel hollow and uncomfortable, while Liquid Tub Liner just becomes a part of your tub!

The original shower or bathtub is stable, while the liner is simply a piece of a plastic that sits over the tub. The Liquid Tub Liner, on the other hand, gives the original bathtub a new and improved look and… Becomes a part of your tub! You will not see any cracks or chips, and your bathtub will be sparkling clean again, same as a new one.

3. Solid liners are expensive, but Liquid Tub Liner SAVES you LOTS of money.

Standard fiberglass solid liners can cost you between $700 and $1,000 in home improvement stores. Besides, they also require a professional to install them. Overall, the solid liner and installation together usually cost about $2,100 – and you will pay even more if your tub is not the standard size.
You’d be thrilled to know that the alternative bathtub refinishing with Liquid Tub Liner can be done for a fraction of this price! You do not have to worry about your budget, and the service is finished the same day it’s started!

Doesn’t it sound just perfect?


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