Is your bathroom a mess?

Maybe your bathtub has years of residue left from hard water, soap residue, or improper cleaning. Maybe it’s been bleached beyond recognition, or maybe there’s a whole in the bottom. Maybe you just can’t stand the colors a previous homeowner put in. Lime green shower, anyone?

What about a reglazing job?

Most companies who say they ‘refinish’ bathtubs just cover the mess with a quick coat of toxic paint or lacquer. Your bathtub might look nice when it’s done, but that thin, toxic coating that will peel off in 2-3 years, uncovering all the ugliness hidden beneath.




Liquid Tub Liners - most advanced and convinient way for bathtub restoration.

Complex renovating
Always perfect

Give us a call today at (224) 616-1766 and we’ll be happy to do that for you!

Reasons to try it

  • I am thrilled with the service that Mike and Alex provided for us today.  We were in a bit of a rush and called Mike last minute to see if he could come out less than 24 hours later to refinish our bathtub.  The tub was very outdated and had no enamel left on it.  Alex was actually a little early and very pleasant to work with.  I usually get massive headaches from even laundry detergent.  No issues whatsoever with the product that Alex used.  Best yet it will be ready to use tomorrow.  Very happy.  Thank you!!
    Ann C.
    Lake Villa, IL
  • Thank you Michael for great service! Our shower base for a large double shower refinished in no time, excellent work, looks like a brand new and at a fare price. Very honest about this type of service, Michael explained all pros and cons, we trusted and got just what we needed - a new clean shower base! Would highly recommend using Bath Refinishing company for your home  improvements projects. Thank you again Michael!
    Luba V.
    Wauconda, IL
  • Loved it! They arrived on time and did the job in a quick, clean, and professional manner. The price was very fair and our bathtub looks brand new.
    Ilya Goldman
    Chicago, IL
  • What a good company they took my old bath tub and made it look like new. I would recommend them very responsible in price also.
    Allyce R.
    Oak Forest, IL
  • One of the best experience with home improvement professionals. I purchased a foreclosed condo 4 years ago with a bathtub looking like it has never been cleaned once since its been installed. My contractor recommended Bathtub Refinishing and after a quick and fair estimate and a few hours I had a brand new looking tub. I couldn't believe my eyes, the service was quick and extremely neat. I received a warranty on the work and literally 4 years later (few weeks ago)I noticed a small crack, I called back was willing to pay for the repair as I assumed warranty has expired since tis been so long. He came and re-touched it for free! This is what I call service and guarantee of your work. I would highly recommend Michael at bathtubrefinishing Chicago to anyone.
    Yana F.
    Vernon Hills, IL

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